Join the Electrical Workers Local Union 993 of the IBEW

Are you ready to level up your electrical career?

We are actively looking for unorganized electricians of all levels. Whether you’re a Red Seal electrician or a first year apprentice, let us know that you’re interested so we can help you get your new career started.

The IBEW has many exciting opportunities that include great wages, a range of benefits including extended health coverage, pension and retirement savings plans, access to top notch training and professional development opportunities, and more.

If you’re entering into an apprenticeship, we offer hands-on training in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial work. Between going to school, you’ll be able to get on the job training on a variety of job sites and get paid great wages.

No matter where you are in your career, if you’re not currently part of the IBEW, we welcome you.

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